About Dancing Peppers

Come Dance with Us!

Our company is a family owned and operated business. Dancing Peppers  was formed in 2019 to replace our former company Rojo Gold which was started in 2011 and ended in 2018, when we made the decision to re-brand as Dancing Peppers .

We introduced our first salsa "Rojo Gold Medium" to the market in 2011, after friends, co-workers and family, would tell us  "Ya'll need to bottle that stuff and sell it".  Maybe they were joking, but we took them seriously. We added the tag line "Little Kick, Lots of Flavor", which perfectly described our salsa.  

All of our salsas are made in small batches with carefully selected ingredients and spices to offer our customers a product without harmful chemicals added, and with a unique flavor.  We are proud to offer gluten free, fat free, low sodium products that have no MSG, nor preservatives

Our mission statement 

We are a faith based company that believe that Man's chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever. We strive to live our lives and operate our business with honesty and integrity.

We hope you enjoy our products and we appreciate your support!

David and Tracy Murrell, founders, Dancing Peppers LLC.

Memphis, Tennessee  38018


Dancing Peppers Medium Salsa "Little Kick, Lots of Flavor"

Dancing Peppers Medium Salsa

Our First Salsa!

If you like a salsa with "A little kick, Lots of Flavor" this salsa is made for you. Dancing Peppers Medium salsa has the  taste and texture of a restaurant style salsa,  made in small batches with high quality  ingredients and a proprietary blend of  spices resulting in a unique tasting salsa.  Just enough salt to enhance the flavor, but not too much. We took in to consideration the salt on the chip you are dipping when our recipes were created. 

2nd Place Scovie Award 2017!

Dancing Peppers Medium salsa won the 2nd Place Scovie Award (2017) under the Rojo Gold brand.

Dancing Peppers Medium Hot Salsa "Chipotle Habanero"


Things just got a little hotter?

Dancing Peppers Medium Hot is the right salsa for you if you prefer front heat that Jalapeno peppers offer, and a little back heat from the Habanero peppers.  It is the perfect balance of heat for the salsa enthusiast that likes their salsa a little hotter than medium, that allows you to taste the wonderful spices, and the smokiness of the chipotle peppers. Are you dancing yet?

Dancing Peppers Memphis Style Salsa "Sweet & Spicy"


Memphis Style Salsa?

Well we're glad you asked!  Now,  Our question for you is,  "Do you know what Memphis is known for"?, yes, "ELVIS PRESLEY" is correct, but what else? If you guessed "BBQ", this is the answer we were looking for. Memphis is the home for the "World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest" and is famous for it's  many great BBQ restaurants,  so it only made sense for us to create the first ever "BBQ Salsa". Dancing Peppers Memphis Style Salsa is made with tomatoes, onions, jalapeno peppers and garlic, along with our secret BBQ Sauce recipe. You can dip it with potato chips or tortilla chips, or use it as a BBQ sauce on pork and chicken. No Ketchup or High Fructose corn syrup are used in any of our products.